Bore Renewal Process – M/V Bore Bank Disposal to Smyril Line

As Smyril Line expands it’s fleet and sailing routes, they have approached Bore with their interest to acquire M/V Bore Bank as an addition to their fleet, to sail under the new name
M/V Akranes.

Back in 1998, M/V Bore Bank ( ex M/V Serenaden) was ordered by Rederi AB Engship to be built in Norway at the UMOE Sterkoder shipyard to entered into the paper trade. During
2007, M/V Serenaden was rebuilt with a garage on the wheather deck to become a Car Carrier in the trade of UECC and renamed to M/V Auto Bank. On redelivery from UECC, she was returned into her old shape and the garage was taken off at the same time of being renamed to M/V Bore Bank. As M/V Bore Bank, she re-entered into the service of
Transfennica. M/V Bore Bank has provided good service on any trade she has been in and served well to her charterers during her years at Bore Ltd.

Now she is to transfer to new owner and the agreement is that Smyril Line will take over M/V Bore Bank by the end of 2019.

Smyril Line will register the vessel in FAS (Faroe Islands National & International ship register) and hire Faroese crew. The aim is to reposition the current crew onboard M/B Bore Bank to
other vessels within the Bore fleet.

As part of the fleet renewal process, Bore has placed an order for 3 newbuildings at the Wuhu Shipyard Ltd in China, due for delivery in year 2021.