A Health and Safety Oriented Work Place

One of Bore’s main initiatives is to ensure a healthy and well balanced work environment for its employees.

A significant factor of this goal is Bore’s Preventive Healthcare scheme which is founded in the mind-set and motivation of the Bore crew and personnel. This features, amongst others, Bore Quality and Safety Department’s initiatives and approaches to a safer work environment, visits from The Finnish Seamen’s Service (Merimiespalvelutoimisto MEPA) Health and Welfare Correspondent, and Seamen’s chaplains, to discuss and implement healthy routines onboard, as well as to give social and psychological support. Equally, Bore promotes active participation in sports events and the development of vessel-suitable gyms/recreational areas.

One of Bore’s more recent healthcare related projects was to arrange for healthy cooking courses for the cooks at sea, with the guidance of an established Helsinki based chef. These training days not only resulted in even further health conscious cooks onboard, but also in a cook book based on the course participants’ own recipes.

Bore’s orientation towards healthier and active lifestyles has made an impact on the company’s overall statistics. Work related accidents are continuously reduced in the work environment, with impressive results. Bore is an award winning shipping company for its health and safety approaches – and has received honours such as the Alandia Marine Insurance’s Safest Working Place in Shipping award in 2012 and 2013 (the awards were based on the Bore statistics from 2011 and 2012).