Environmental Policy

Bore is committed to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

To achieve this:

  • We are committed to comply with appropriate environmental related legislations
  • We will continuously develop the operation in a more environmentally friendly direction
  • We have implemented environmental management systems on all ships and in all offices
  • We will make efforts to minimise the effect of shipping related incidents and accidents

Bore has a strong core belief for sustainable shipping in the future, and is actively taking steps towards reducing emissions and pollutions today. We are constantly looking into improving the ship operations and thus minimising the environmental footprint.
The RoFlex® concept is prepared to be a forerunner in meeting future environmental demands and our RoFlex® vessels are pioneering ships for greener transport solutions. Bore’s ecological choices manifests the company’s policy for fair and respectful business conduct, not only towards our customers but also to the seas that carry our vessels everyday.